GMOD Crash on Server Join

So essentialy, as of late, when ever i try to join a GMod server my game will just close at the end of “Sending Client Info”, this has never happened before and just began happening about 1 week ago. I Only play on one sandbox server and i have never had any problems with it before.

Completely uninstalling Gmod and re installing does NOT fix the issue, the only way i can fix the issue is to uninstall it, delete all the files left over, and delete the left over gmod directory completely.

After doing this i will be able to connect to a server, one time. if i close gmod, the crash will start happening again. I can play completely fine with no issues the entire first time i connect, but the second i reopen GMod i can’t connect anymore.

According to my dump file the reason is :

Crash address: 0x46

Here is the entire dump Click Me!

My system specs are

Intel I7 3820
Nvidia Geforce GTX 660
Windows 8.1 64 bit
32gb Ram

I do not have a firewall, I’ve tried updating my drivers, deleted the cache file, deleted all my addons(the only one i have is Sprops), verified the game cache (always tells me there two files failed to verify).

The server i play on does not have any abnormal addons either. just the usual, wiremod, advdupe, playx etc etc.

I’ve also tried every solution i could find on google, and none of them have worked. Halp! :frowning: