Gmod crash on startup

I was on Gmod for a bit, got off to play another game, and tried getting back on, and Gmod crashes on the loading screen. I have tried verifying cache, removing new addons, unsubscribing and deleting all addons, reinstalling, dxlevel commands, runwindowed commands, and running completely vanilla. Here is an image of what I get:

I have asked another friend who owns Gmod, and he seems to be having the same issue.
EDIT: I removed TF2 and it runs perfectly now.


Cus I have the same problem; this is my crash log

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Wow, you’re right. I’ve also noticed that TF2 itself crashes in the same manner!

You don’t have to delete it, just verify game cache integrity. It would be helpful if you guys could figure out which file in TF2 causes that ( by making a file list before and after with “Date modified” time stamps )