Gmod Crash on Startup

So I haven’t used my desktop for about 3 years now. I got XP back up and running on the thing the other day. I decided I’d strictly keep it as my gaming computer for home and college. I installed Steam yesterday, along with Gmod. Every time I’d try to launch the game from my Library, there’s no response. Then I tried running it from the Hl2.exe in the Garrysmod folder, and all I got from that is “missing gameinfo.txt”. So I did a little research, and I copy and pasted the gameinfo.txt from one spot of the garrysmod folder, to the Hl2 portion. I tried to run the .exe again, and I get through the Valve startup video, then the “Powered by Source” video, and then BOOM; crash. Crashes every time with no error message ever. And yes, I’ve reinstalled Steam. Unfortunately, no success. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys (or girls).