Gmod crash problem at opening screen

Hey guys, sorry if im bothering you. I bought gmod on steam for my desktop, and I decided to try gmod on my laptop, and I got this problem:
The exception unknown exception (0XC0000409) occurred in the application at location 0x114564b8

That appears, game shuts downs. The end.

Oh, and here are my specs:
Asus 904Ha eee notebook
1.6 processor
1 gb RAM
graphics card…? i THINK my motherboard is a 945r intel family or something of that sort ??
windows XP 32 bit home edition

I realize that I dont think my processor meets it, but i dont care. Ive played many a game with lower than minimum reqs. Plus, ive seen CSS played on here.
Thanks a ton guys, sorry for bothering.

Right click garrysmod in steam, properties, Boot Options (Or something)
And add:

-heapsize 524288 -nocrashdialog

The first one reserves 512mb Of RAM for gmod, And the second one suppresses some memory errors.

-heapsize <kilobytes> - Specifies the heapsize (in kilobyte) the game will use.
-nocrashdialog - Suppresses some ‘memory could not be read’ unhandled errors