Gmod Crash something with lua?

so I don’t know how I got this it just happened I started up gmod then I was going a server and gmod crashed and said lua panic! something went horribly wrong (not enough memory) so I thought I needed to delete some addons I did and it didn’t go away I restarted my computer still didn’t work. so someone plz help :frowning:

apparently its currently a problem with new installs of gmod, and i’ve heard they’re working on it


No, the error he is getting is caused by a addon or the server he is joining having to much crap on it.
It’s clearly as the error states, the lua takes up memory and if a addon is coded badly it leaks and will cause this error.


I have the same problem but on client,I fixed it when I uninstalled the StarGate addon. don’t forget I am on client so, I dont know but see if the server has that. maybe with the StarGate addon its client only but i am not sure. I hope it helps! :wink: