GMod crash when I join my server

So, I’m just creating my own DarkRP server and I have a little problem: everytime i join my server gmod crashes.

I really have no idea how this could happen, so I’m asking here, hoping to get a solution.

Well, I have a DarkRP server. I’ve added some addons, everything was fine. Then, I decided to add a map rp_evilmelon what I actually did, but after that I can’t join my server.

Somehow it shows me that i’m downloading some “Homestuck playset” which btw I didn’t install!

After “Extracting Homestuck playset” gmod crashes. And I have no idea why.

Hoping for some help. :stuck_out_tongue:

P. S.
Here’s my workshop collection:

And this sh*t called “Homestuck playset” that somehow downloads.

What does your server console output when this happens?

How many addons do you have, locally?

The server doesn’t see much stuff:

And by locally you mean how much addons I have on my computer?
If then I have about 100 addons.

It could be your number of add ons. Some of them could be conflicting or just because there are so many it could be too much pressure on the game causing it to crash. Also when Garry’s Mod updates sometimes it breaks add ons and the more add ons you have the more likely you are to run into problems

Well, I renamed my addons folder to make gmod download them again, but I’m still crashing :c

I solved this problem by deleting all addons on server which were downloaded via workshop. The game didn’t crash, but it wrote me again “Downloading Homestuck playset” lol.

Ty everyone for support :smiley: