GMod Crash

I could use some help with some problems I’ve been having with GMod 10. I launch it from Steam, the little window pops up “launching Garry’s Mod” , my cursor jumps to centerscreen, the GMod loading screen comes up, and… nothing. It sits there on that screen for maybe five to ten seconds, my cursor is still doing the little hourglass animation, and the program closes. Nothing happens. I’ve searched the forums and found nothing even close to this. I’d really appreciate some help with this…

My Computer Specs (In case it has any bearing on the situation):
Windows Vista
AMD Athlon x2
2x 160GB HDDs

Oh, and GMod 10 has worked for me before. It just apparently decided to stop. I haven’t installed any new mods or uninstalled/reinstalled.

Wait! Wait! Wait! Figured it out… The TF2 update killed it somehow. Going to try the fix shown on the main forum… Will update if it works.

It works now…