GMOD Crashed to desktop with no error when loading a map ( YES I HAVE TRIED UNISTALLING ADDONS)

Alright, I have been having this problem a lot, and every time I launch GMOD and try to load a SP game, it just goes straight to desktop with no error message. Yes I deleted all my addons and reinstalled them, and uninstalled the faulty addons. After about 3 days of doing this it started crashing again. What the fuck is going on?


No you didn’t, just by looking at the dump log you have a ton of lua errors from one of your vehicle addons. Try disabling all your addons and see if that works.

I love how I just explained I TRIED it earlier, I just installed them back. It made no difference when I took them off.

You didn’t explain that. Disable all of your addons anyways and send me a crash log without all of those lua errors. I can’t help you if there’s a bunch of shit in the way.

I have a similar problem. When I start gmod, I get to the title screen, then if I download ANY snpc addon, It crashes. If I uninstall the addon, it works. I already have some snpcs made by pirate catty working but now if I install any of his, gmod closes without any error message as if I just clicked close. please help.

To Ash, talk to Catty and ask him to look into it. It’s most likely a compatibility issue between the mod and the latest version of the game itself.

I will be sure to do that

as it turns out my problem is just with installing any type of entity.