Gmod crashed when i pick a map

its been going on for like 3 days now, everytime i load a map on singleplayer it crashes. i dont understand

Opt into the dev branch (Properties --> Betas --> Dev) and it should be fixed.

can you explain that? i dont fully understand

Just right click on GMod in Steam and follow those steps. The map issues are fixed in the dev branch. If you’d rather not opt-in, you could always wait for the next release.

did what you say, still crashed when i choose a map

This is a more than global problem…

I have it too, Garry broke something in the newest dev update soooo its another “Wait it out” situation.

EDIT: Not sure if garry fucked up again or just really can’t fix this problem BUTTT:

Can you email me any crash logs you’re getting?

welp thanks for the info, i know its not cause i cheated ( all i do is play on singleplayer ) guess i just w8 it out

Did you not read Garry’s post about crash logs?

Here’s the thing though: For me, there are no crash logs to email. It just… freezes. Not doing anything. It claims to be using up varying amounts of CPU usage in task manager, but it’s not visibly doing anything at all. At one point yesterday, I managed to make it work, and there was an enormous amount of console spam about “testing maps” and listing two maps. I suspect every single map may be being tested for compatibility with every single other map, and when you have a ton of workshop maps like I do, it’s gonna take a LONG TIME. Then again, I don’t know much about this sort of thing.

What maps were they? Did you try deleting them?

Even with gm_construct, the singleplayer maps freezes when loading them