GMOD crashes after changing graphics in game

So recently, whenever I try to change my graphics to high in game to take screenshots(with my new monitor/tech), for some reason gmod crashes after going to a black screen for a minute or 2. It used to go to a black screen before, but then it would go back to my pause menu and I would X it out and take my screenshots. Now, it just crashes and exits gmod. As I said, it never did this before, and my PC is still the same otherwise, same settings, ect.

So, what can I do? I already defragged it and checked the cache(or whatever its called).

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This happens to everyone. Not just you.
It’s just an ordinary, annoying glitch.

How many addons you got?

Depending on how many you have and what size, it adds to the amount of memory gmod uses up. Changing settings while already using a high amount of memory means it has to (in your case) load all the materials again with less compression (because texture detail is just the amount of texture compression to use when loading IIRC). This eventually causes gmod to shit a brick because it’s using too much memory. Increasing your ram may help, but there might be (and probably is) an internal source limit for memory usage.