Gmod crashes after loading a map

This is ridiculous. I want to work on my machinima and it had to bitchslap me in the face for no reason. Maybe it’s the gmod update, I don’t know. I’m more annoyed and angry at this point.

Like I said, Garry’s Mod crashes after when I load the map. Anyway to fix it? Otherwise, there should be an update to fix braggin’ bug.

I’m trying to get this fixed myself,

Garry is trying to work out the problem also.

I will contact you as soon as I find out what the problem is.

EDIT: Just got the word from Garry:

Awesome - thanks, really useful. Should be fixed within the hour.


I think the same might be happening to me, but it’s happening when I join a server, I haven’t yet tryed a single player map yet, but still.