Gmod crashes at blue loading screen-HELP-

Ok so i open my gmod and it gives me the blue loading screen with loading in the bottom right corner and after about 3-5 seconds it will just close with no error message.
My PC specs are:
Processor-AMD FX 6350 Six-Core
OS-Windows 8.1 64 bit
Gpu-AMD Radeon R9 270x

I have tried to fix this by setting different launch codes:dx level , windowed ,different resolutions etc
I have also tried turning my anti virus off.
I also tried installing TF2(i dont have css)and also uninstalled L4D.
I have tried complete uninstall of Gmod and Steam.
I have deleted all addons and i have deleted my mount file in Gmod folder.
Someone Please help

See what services are running through Task Manager, sometimes I have to close a lot just to have a smooth running game, but I’m not sure if that would fix your problem, though… I constantly have lag when starting up due to workshop subscriptions, I have hundreds.

I have no workshop subscriptions and this isnt the problem but thanks anyway.

I was getting this exact problem a week ago or so, roughly.

For me, this is what happened. I downloaded Warframe to give it a try, and in the auto update it automatically downloads a version of Direct X. Not sure what version, or why… as I already have the latest… but it did. From there on Warframe was working but Garry’s Mod kept suddenly crashing and for the first while I was confused as everything with Warframe seemed to of have went okay. I tried reinstalling and all that dxlevel crap, but nothing. Eventually I just did a system restore and things were fine. So try a system restore or reinstall your direct x (also update your gfx card drivers to be safe). Maybe you installed something that messed around with your Direct X, who knows. Good luck trying to fix though, it’s a shitty problem!

thanks ill try this. I have already Fully reinstalled and updated my drivers for my gpu etc but ill try the full system restore.

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This didnt work for me but thanks for the suggestion.

Dang, sorry I couldn’t help. Best of luck trying to fix though. Keep searching for fixes and try them all!

I found a fix thanks to One of the Facepunch guys it was my Awesomium.dll. file which was found C:/Windows/SysWOW64 and all i had to do was delete that and my gmod worked