GMod crashes if there is blood or tons of flying partical effects

Okay, gmod crashes at partical effects of blood with -dxlevel 80 on. And no finger posing or face or any posing what so ever. It did not crash and worked fine when I had to press clt alt dlt and exit out of gmod so it won’t turn itself off. Orange box games run fine but Tf2 does not because too much graphics to be handled.
I can’t change my graphics card (I can’t find one that works with this model.)

i dont mean to be rude but it sounds like you just need to go buy a new computer.

I agree. And if you can’t find a graphics card that works with your computer, it’s at least 10 years old because even some good agp cards are still coming out.

Nope, laptop Its a LG xnote E5000. And it was only released in asia or something.

Try changing from -dxlevel 80 to -dxlevel 81 or else, yea, you need a computer that wasnt released in asia

You probably shouldn’t be trying to play Gmod on a notebook.

:smiley: Don’t post if you can’t really help me though.

Sorry about that :stuck_out_tongue:
But if you want to play Gmod on that thing, turn every setting, and screen resolution to low. Also try uninstalling some of the garbage you probably have pre-installed on your laptop.

I did… And I can’t seem to disable the -dxlevel codes at all, I even reinstalled all steam and source programs.