GMod crashes if there is red blood

The human blood effect crashes my gmod, crashlog comes as this gibberish.

*Intel® Pentium® dual spu T2410 @ 2.00GHz

*2.00GB of ram

*965 family video card (Crappy but can run portal, hl 2, left 4 dead things fine but some orange box source engines glitches more or less then the others.)

No finger, eye, or face posing, comes out as a gray line with the title only.

PC Specs. Now.

Etc etc…


Because your video card is a shitty Intel integrated one. You need a proper video card.

965 series does that.

Ugh worked fine when I logged off at the right time for gmod to not shut itself off. Every thing but the fact the maps that wern’t flat grass maps did not work…
Strangely it worked fine when my computer went insane bullshit and tried to turn gmod off and glitched out a half life mod called paranoia when a mach machine gun in it. And I’d have to log out before the computer fucking turned gmod off. Finger, eye and face posers do not work either,but after reinstall the mod works fine garry’s mod doesn’t . Anyone know a good graphics card under 80 doallers?