Gmod crashes on map load

Alright, I’ve been here before with the same problem. It’s my workshop addons, and I need somebody to tell me what my crash log tells me. Or better yet, could somebody send me the thing I can use to see my crash logs?

Here’s the crash log.

EDIT: I found a way to see my mdmp file, but I don’t know what the hell it means still. Here is the link to it

EDIT2: What does this mean? Most likely it’s addon conflict, but I don’t see anything, mostly because idk what any of it means.

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Please, somebody just tell me what the problem is!!

Your problems:

  1. Your game is running in DirectX 8
  2. You are kind of running out of RAM. ( 90% used at moment of crash )
  3. You are most likely have WAAAAAAAAAAY too much addons installed. ( or the server you are joining is )

My friend told me to run in Dxlevel 11, so I am in DirectX 11 for one thing, just sayin, and for 3, what addons are onflicting and making me crash?

It’s not an addon conflict, its your PC can’t handle the amount of addons you have.

Your game is running in DX8 according to the crash dump on metastruct you provided.

Oh yea. That one was from before I switched to dx 11

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I think this one is it.

DXLevel: 8.0 [80]

Ok. I set it to dx 9, because I think my pc can’t support dx 11. Crash still.

Two other issues I mentioned still happen BTW. 93% RAM filled at moment of crash.

Also, is Intel® HD Graphics 4000 the best you got?

My computer isn’t a gaming computer actually. I got it for Xmas, but for a customized pc that was way better than this one that i’ll probably get for next xmas, costs less that this crappy hunk of metal.

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My game is set to dx 9, closed background programs, loaded in a map, crashed again! Must be my addons then. I’ll reply back after.