GMod crashes on map load

gmod crashes EVERY time i load single player maps, only way around this is to disable All addons (which destroys the entire idea of gmod for me) gmod takes forever to disable/enable a single mod so doing so one by one is just not practical.
BUT i can load servers no problem when i try to go online.

OS WINDOWS 8.1 64bit
CPU INTEL i7-4790K @4GHz
GPU GeForce GTX 980
RES. 1920X1080 @144Hz
RAM DDR3 8GB @2133

You have too many addons, so there’s no other way around but to disable some mods. How many mods do you have installed?

Yeah, I think that one of your addons isn’t working properly. I’d suggest try disabling all, and enable small groups at a time, trying to pinpoint the bad addon. I know its going to be slow, but it might work.

963, but on way-way older version of gmod i used to have more with no problems

Do I really have to download 900 addons to test this bug…

i hope not
769 currently mods
“gmod tower” -about 70mods
“TDMCars”- about 40mods
Most mods are Scars or other car mods

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would a dump file help pinpoint it faster?

thats here

is there anyone here who will attempt to help me?

No offense, but over 900 addons is ridiculous.
Get rid off them, you really should only need at the most 100 active addons.

lowered it to 600 mods loads perfect now, still dont know what went wrong but, i consider this solved