Gmod crashes on server join "Lua Panic! Ran out of memory" cliche :I

Every time I try to join a gmod server I crash with the lua panic! out of memory! error. It started when I added CSS files from http://•••••••••••••••2. It worked for a day and then it suddenly stopped working. I tried changing the autoexc.cfg with:
datacachesize 256
mem_max_heapsize 2048
mem_max_heapsize_dedicated 1024
mem_min_heapsize 256
Which fixed it for another day. Now it has stopped working all together. I restarted my computer, deleted the autoexc.cfg stuff, unsubscribed and disabled all addons, reinstalled garrys mod, cleared steam cache, restarted my computer again and tried to join another server. Crashed again with the same error.

I have a 3.8ghz quad core with a gtx 960 and 8gb of ram. I can run star citizen, but not garry’s mod xD

Please help o.o

(User was banned for this post ("General discussion. Not for help or support. Or advertising your server host." - UncleJimmema))