GMod crashes on startup

steam tries to launch Gmod and then all i get is a message that HL2 has an error and has shut down and then i can send the error message or not tried alot of stuff any ideas??


feel free to ask questions xD

noone knows the answer to this one?? really need soem help

Open up Steam, right click on GMod, > Properties Launch options > type in -dxlevel 80.
I had the same problem.

dosnt work >.<

windows tells me its a problem with the file “shaderapidx9.ddl” if its of any help?

I have no idea what a .ddl file is, but why didn’t you just Google that error? There’s more than a thousand forums and websites talking about it.

i did google it tried all the different solutuions like "- dxlevel 70 80 81 and so on i tried reinstalling everything installing in differet orders and ive run out of ideas


did a spyware/malware and whatnot scan gmod works now