Gmod crashes - Read!

So…in short…

My gmod crashes often.
Mostly while loading spawnicons, or spawning models. It also crashes just randomly when i play “x” time. It’s very disturbing, especially when you make huge and detailed contraptions, and the game crashes, and hours of work come undone in a few seconds. Or a very good pose. It’s almost the same.

I tried defragmenting, and validating files… It happens still.
Why is Gmod doing this? Addon incompatibility? (i have 122 addons)

Is there a way to solve this problem without reinstalling gmod?
I’m completely helpless.

Please, help me!

Its hard to say whats causing it.

Here’s something I’d try. Rename your addon folder to addons_backup, restart gmod and let it sit for a while see if it continues to crash. If it stops crashing go into the addons backup folder and pull out only the addons you need. The more addons you have loaded the more unstable garrysmod becomes so I would go though your addons folder anyway and remove things you don’t use often or dont’t need.

If your still having problems after you sort though your addons you could try running with a lower DX level (-dxlevel) and make sure your drivers are up to date.

As I said before its hard to tell whats causing it exactly but my best guess would be either the amount of addons you have.

On a side note, be sure to save your work often with the Advanced Duplicator if you can.

Well i do addon cleaning regulary, deleting the stuff i need, but it still won’t help.
Most of the addons i have and i don’t delete is needed.

But ok, i’ll try.

Okay, it runs more smoother, loads spawnicons and models faster, but after a time, it still crashes, saying “hl2.exe has stopped working.”
(i tried to spawn a model from the “browse” tab)
Get this app and update all your drivers. If still crashes, try cleaning up your msconfig, the startup programs and services.
If still keeps crashing, wait for garry to release a new update.

Worked fine until it tried to load spawnicons for the Fakefactory ragdolls. God dammit.

But it’s a half-victory.

Thank you, i’ll wait until the next update.