GMod crashes suddenly, no idea what is causing it

Hello again,

I’ve recently (for the past few months…) been having trouble playing Garry’s Mod, where the game crashes suddenly for no apparent reason. This has been happening pretty often now, and it’s getting very annoying. I can’t seem to correlate it to anything happening on any server (or it’s something different that happens at the same time as the crash every time), and therefore have no idea what may be causing it. Nobody else crashes at the same time as I do, so I at least know for sure it’s a problem on my end. I also crash when attempting to play singleplayer every time. I’ve done everything I could think of, from reinstalling my GMod and clearing my GMod of custom content to defragging the game and the hard drive, as well as updating drivers. All I’ve got is this minidump file which was created in the GarrysMod folder when I crashed, which seems to have the same content every time I crash:

And in case you don’t trust the actual minidump file, here’s the raw text data copied from Visual Studio Express:

If anybody could help with this, it would be much appreciated!

doing a google search on Exception Code: 0x80000003 which is in the dump file i found you migt find help in reading that :slight_smile:

A generic, fishy website that prompts me to download some “system fixer” is NOT helpful.

Mywot, give it a shot and you’ll see just how bad the sites you trust are.

OT: All I can seem to find about this is people complaining about this and misc people saying to do x and y and your crash log doesn’t help much, not much in there.

Well, it’s weird. I’m not sure if I did anything, but now I don’t have any problems at all with crashing. It just seems to come and go for some reason, it’s been like that. I’ll come back to this thread if something comes up.