Gmod crashes 'The memory could not be "written"'

Hi, I have just gotten Garry’s Mod with HL2 and it starts to load, when it shows the Gmod logo, it just crashes and the error message says The memory could not be “written”. I do have on-board, but that can’t be the problem because lots of people run Gmod with on-board graphics. So here’s my specs:

Genuine Intel® CPU
T2050 @ 1.60GHz
1.60GHz 1.49 GB of RAM
Physical address extension

By the way, I googled and only found the times in June when the crash was “Steam-wide” I guess you would say…


By the way, shows Gmod running on onboard graphics.

Make sure you don’t have any programs running in the background.

Only Steam.


Ok, update from windows changed the message to The memory could not be “read”



Please, I need help!

Some motherboards have very powerful onboard graphics. Others do not. It’s like comparing a stock Kia Sephia to a stock Porsche Carerra GT. Both are the way they came from the factory, but the Kia would struggle to go over 100 mph. The Porsche can easily top 100 mph and do it in about 8 seconds.

For example: This motherboard has onboard graphics that are very low end.

On the other hand: This one has premium on-board graphics capable of rendering Half Life 2 and playing HD videos with ease.

I do highly recommend against onboard graphics though, one can generally get better results by buying a motherboard without integrated graphics and using a premium video card instead.
This is a mid-range video card. It can run HL2 and TF2 maxed out without any problems at all. It can run Crysis on mid-low settings.

You do not need to spend a fortune to play video games, but you do need to spend a heap of cash to stay ahead of the curve - like This video card for example. If you throw a game at this card, the card will render it twice over and ask for more. It’s all about what you’re willing to spend.


i in no way mean to be rude,
but that does not help,

it is informative and a good perspective on built in Motherboard Graphics,

but i have this problem too and i would desperately love for someone to have some sort of fix,

does anyone know?


also there is another thread with the same problem Here, that is a lot more active,
for anyone who finds this one,