Gmod crashes way to much to be in the thread.


No matter what I do, Gmod always crashes after 5 minutes. Usually after some light prop play, it just crashes out of nowhere with no explanation. This ALWAYS happens, on ALL maps.

The thread isn’t exactly helpful, and this happens WAY too much for Gmod to be even close to bearable.

What’s your specs? You aren’t trying to play Garry’s Mod on an old Spectrum/Commodore are you? If you’re using some sort of personal supercomputer with 8800GTS 640MB 16GB RAM 8 CPU cores and two 1/2 terabyte RAID hard drives, then perhaps it’s some addons. Are you using vanilla? Or do you have tons of mods installed? When did this start happening?

I don’t have a supercomputer, a laptop.

  • 2.2GHz Dual Core
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 64MB Vram, lol

Its probably an addon, but it happens alot with Vanilla as well, just not as quickly.

Saying ‘it keeps crashing’ isn’t going to get it fixed.

You need to provide information, such as that suggested in the problems/crashes thread.

I’m having the same problem, no addons fresh install, super computer with all updates and drivers.

I just think Gmod has gone down the toilet and I probly won’t be coming back to it

I believe that’s your problem.

What about me?

These are my specs…

-3.0 Ghz dual core
-256 VRAM, 512 with Turbocache enabled…

I crash whenever I try to play on a server online… Particularly with the map gm-vast space…

This can be a serious issue. Does your mobile GPU use SystemRAM or does it have it’s own ram?

I have 1gb ram , ATI x1600 256MB ram , Intel Pentium D 3.0 ghz.

I have sucky framerate , Unreal Tournament 2007 / 3 is working 3 x better than Garry’s mod / All source games.

Also garry’s mod is crashing alot. I think Gmod 9 Times are closer than we though.

Alright, despite my 64MB of VRAM, I usually pull of 20-30 FPS on my lowest settings. GMod crashes out of NO WHERE, with no signs of it doing so. It just happens - maybe I’m riding in a Jeep or wiring something, and then it says hl2.exe has crashed.

That’s all that really happens - no sudden decrease in framerate, no glitchy actions, just a random crash.

Why are people always saying its your computer or the addons

He doesn’t even read the dumps people give him.

200 Addons can cause gmod to crash or be slow.

Specs dosent matter, AzuiSleet released an update which broke the whole thing. and it will take a while before we get this fix, get his beta and use that.