GMOD crashes when i drive vehicles

For some reason my garrys mod crashes when i drive vehicles, no matter which ones. (Crashes after a random time from 5 - more seconds)

Also this is only on singleplayer!

Anyone? :confused:

Have you tried validating your game files?

Some leaked game-modes have something like that built in. What game-mode are you running, what addons are you running?

Sorry for late answer! I am running sandbox, i have recently validated my game files.

Here:,,,,,,,, (Sorry i cant use the image feature for lightshot pictures.)

now i know this isnt helpful, but right clicking the picture and clicking copy image location, that will allow you to use the image feature. (and apparently these are on imgur, so idk what lightshot is doing)

Hello? Still having this problem


Have you tried the HL2 vehicles? Do they cause problems too?

Have you tried disabling all of your addons and enabling them in small chunks to find out which addon could be causing this?

No, cause steam workshop apparently doesnt allow a unsubscribe all button. And going through 300 addons disabling, enabling, joining, leaving is ALOT of work. Also only tdm cars seem to have the problem