GMod crashes when I join a server twice and when I hit quit

Just recently, I believe about yesterday, my GMOD has been crashing. If I join a server, It takes like 6 minutes to load (not the problem but still bad), and it works. But then lets say I want to join a different server or reconnect, on the second server it gets all the way to sending client info, and when that finishes, GMOD crashes, It brings up a error report to send. It does the same thing when I hit quit, which makes no sense, why would it crash when i hit Quit.

Gosh, that happens alot to me too. I can’t join my two favorite servers anymore. I hope something/someone fixes this soon, unless it’s both our computers.
But sometimes, for me it’s on recieving server info.

this guy has the same exact problem as me PLEASE SOMEONE HELP THIS

Tried updating your drivers? that’s all I can think of… sorry =\ but sometimes it does happen to me

tried that i even tried 3rd party drivers it always fails.

hl2.exe crashes for the reason materialsystem.dll

does that help?


i can never play gmod tower minigames or play assilization because of this

come on this is important here ive struggled with the issue for years now would someone help this issue?

it would be a wonderful birthday present

I have the exact same thing, it’s really annoying and I’d love a solution for it.