Gmod Crashes when i open it, and doesnt show a error message

When i open Garry’s Mod from my steam library, it prepares to launch Garry’s Mod, opens, then closes when the loading screen comes up. I’ve tried the following solutions to no avail:
1.Delete ClientRegistry.blob
2.Delete Garry’s Mod and Re-install
3.Verify Local Game Cache
4.Backup the Game
5.Play all my other source games
6.Re-install al my other source games
7.look up other solutions
8.set -dxlevel to 80, 9, 50, and 81
9.change -heapsize it in -window and -nosplash -condebug in hopes of sending a crashlog to garry(seen in another similar problem)
12.Envision Garry’s Mod deep in my mind(as you can see I’m desperate)
13.Post on forums

And there you have it, my makeshift solutions to Gmod crashing, if anyone can help me fix this problem it’ll be quite appreciated.