Gmod crashes when joining server

Hello! I really hope you can help me.
On most servers when I join, on “sending clinet info”(I dont remember exactly) I just crash without any message showing up. The game just crash and goes to my last used window.
I’m not really sure what can I say more to help because I don’t understand those stuff, but if you need more information please let me know and I will try.
Please try and help me.

You will never get a reply, i have posted this a lot. I never get 1 reply. You just have to wait until the Devs, (who in-fact, hate us) do something and don’t make it just as bad when they do!

What’s your operating system?
What server are you trying to join?
Does singleplayer work?

Read this steam thread here. I simply googled how to find out what’s crashing garry’s mod and found it. This explains how to find and read crash dumps for garry’s mod. Hopefully it can help you, and if not, in your options for garry’s mod, in multiplayer change it to “Do not allow servers to download content” or whatever it says, and try again. It might be your game trying to mount a specific addon that is damaged/corrupted.