Gmod crashes when loading up a map


I bought garrys mod off steam yesterday, I have the issue that when I start up a game no matter what the map might be, it’s kind of like russian roulette.

Sometimes it works, most of the time it crashes at loading resources with hl2.exe has stopped working. It also sometimes gets stuck in the “has stopped working”-freeze when I spawn items, but that usually lasts for only 5 seconds.

would it help if I’d install certain games?(css,hl2 ep1&ep2 etc.) or does garrys mod have all the needed data?

thanks in advance.

gpu: hd 5850
cpu: Q6600 @2,8ghz
ram: 4gb
OS: Windows 7 64bit

You would have to install at least one other Source game except for the Left 4 Dead games or the Portal games for it to work properly.

As for now I have installed HL2 and TF2, if thats enough then it’d prob not help to install everyother source game.

Though since I have garrys mod my steam sometimes forces me to download all the other source games by just starting the download of them. (If I click on delete local content for every game to stop those games from downloading, it will do it again the next time I start garrys mod)

Well you actually have to purchase one of them…it’s odd that it tries to make you download them if you haven’t actually bought them yet.