Gmod crashes when spawning vehicles and other issues

So I spawn in a singleplayer map, and I pick a vehicle, any vehicle (WAC works fine though), and then… BOOM. Freeze, noises from the game, then desktop. I have tried unsubscribing/uninstalling TDM, LW, Sped and other car/vehicle related addons. Nothing. Default vehicles work fine with all addons disabled, but I want my addons! Anyone got any suggestions?

Another issue I’ve had for a long time is that the game freezes for a minute or so on the main menu when the game is first launched. Any idea what’s causing this? I have trimmed the fat on my subscriptions list quite a bit, before I had 18 pages of addons, now I am down to 7, and thats basically the essentials. Does anyone else experience this/have a solution for this?