gmod crashes when touching objects with the physics gun

There is a big bug i have at the moment. so basically when i load a map and then go on another map with its on props or touching certain objects the game crashes. Even if i touch a ragdoll it just crashes, i can only play one map at the moment due to this bug.

1.i load map
2. i go on a different map
3. i spawn a npc and i touch it with physics gun i crash
4. i touch a prop with physics gun game crashes
5. in Half life 2 with gmod if i play more than 3 maps the game will crash while loading the 4th map

I dont understand why the game keeps crashing. is anyone else getting the same problem?

Do you have any mods/addons if so which ones?
Did you start having these problems after installing an addon?
Have you tried on a fresh install?
Are you getting any errors?