gmod crashes when using mw2 killstreaks

I was testing out the ac130 today and once i killed someone with it gmod crashes. Help :frowning:

do not use it

It’s warning you.
Kidding. Try re-installing the MW2 killstreak mod.

This, or just don’t use them.

i already said that !!! D:


Anyway, did it work?

No, it’s really bugged right now, it will crash you, wait for a fix or something, but TheSpy, you would know this if you actually read the thread.

You know, posts like these don’t really help us help you, if you want help from us describe what you were doing and what happened at that moment, and you are probably better off posting your problems with this addon in the thread where it belongs :

ac130 causes a shit ton of smoke

just F.Y.I.