Gmod Crashes Without Crash Log

So for couple of days I’ve had a problem with my Garry’s mod. It crashes everytime I start it up with a message saying “hl2.exe has stopped working”.

I’ve tried deleting all addons, some launch commands/settings (-condebug -window -noborder -profile) that were suggested in numerous posts I happened to find when I tried using Google to find some way to fix this problem but nothing worked. Crash logs would help, if I would get them. But nothing appears on the Garry’s mod folder when the game crashes.

So I am asking does any of you fine people have any suggestions how to solve this problem I have, or how I would be able to get crash logs once again.

This may be a long shot but my friend was crashing on startup and I told him to verify TF2 and it started working after he did…

Well I’ll be damned. Doubted that would work but it did. Thanks man!