Gmod Crashes.

My Gmod crashes when i try to play multiplayer or select the options menu.
Anyone know what i should do?

I have excact same problem started since last week when i started playing gmod again. It gets stuck at “sending client info”. I have searched for information but nothing seems to help :confused:

Processor AMD Phenom 8750 Triple Core Processor

I have INTEL Pentium 4 3GHz as my processor and all my specs above the ones you need to play I don’t know to fix it and i’ve been searching the internet for a solution D:

Reinstalling, deleting all addons and loading singleplayer map first didn’t work


BTW were you able to play online some time ago?

Look for an .mdmp file in the garrysmod directory, then e-mail it to Garry. There should be an MDMP for each crash, send him the latest one.

Nope and i reinstalled it.
TF2, Half-Life 2, EP1, EP2, Portal, Alien Swarm and HL2:Lost Coast work great.
I’s only GMOD that crashes when i try to open MP or Options menu.

EDIT: I looked for a .MDMPD but i couldn’t find one.

MDMP, not MDMPD. They should be located in


Sorry, i mispelled it. I searched it anyway with the correct name, didnt find one :[

Did you acutally LOOK in the directory? Or just ran a search?

You gave him the wrong directory.

dumps are located here: C:\Program Files\Steam\dumps

Hm… all of my dumps still end up as mdmps in the gmod directory :ohdear:

it was changed recently.

Well, i’ll look for it in the dumps directory.
Thanks anyway!

EDIT: I checked the dumps file and there are 61 DMP files in there.
Is there a specific name of Gmod dumps? I might take the wrong one otherwise.

I think it’s called something like hl2_exe(then some random numbers)
EDIT: i just realized its the date of the crash

They all are either gameoverlayui or hl2.exe_crash[numbers]

Did u send mail to garry cus i didnt yet?

…I would if i knew what file I had to mail him.
OR all of them. There are 4 crash_hl2.exe files and ohers are gameoverlayui;s.

If u havent been playing other games lately it must be hl2.exe’s Explain the error and attach the crash file

I have been playing other games [Alien Swarm, TF2, HL2 etc.]

So i just take a random file and email it?