Gmod crashing after downloading files

my gmod keeps crashing/freezing after downloading the texture/text/model files etc before the “Sending Client Info” usually pops up, i thought i did it on just the one server but since late yesterday its now doing it on every server i try to join, i thought it may of been down to an old graphics card driver so i updated, and that hasn’t done the trick, im using an "Nvidia GeForce 6200, 2.00ghz processor and 1gb RAM, any ideas? because i’ve only bought this game 3 days ago, so its doubtful its down to addons etc… its really really ticking me off.

p.s i’ve uninstalled steam and garry’s mod and tried putting in several launch options commands still nothing

Your RAM could be the problem.
If you run a OS, then it’s possible that you run like 40% of your ram for your OS. GMod uses like 500 MB, so if you have other programs open, you will crash.

yeah i thought it would be something to do with the RAM or processor, what i dont get is that it was working fine…erm ish yesterday still crashing but its only gmod it crashes on, i’ve not had any problems with css or anything else on my system might try and nick some RAM from downstairs comp see if the extra RAM helps out cheers for tip

CS:S doesn’t have to load a shitload of props and particles

k i tried loads and still crashing, a friend told me to get tortoise svn and then get wiremod and still nothing from it, tried running steam/garry’s mod with minimum things running background i.e just running it on its own and still nothing i wonder if anyone else gets this problem?

Ever since Garry’s last few updates, a lot of people have been having problems with Gmod crashing in millions of different ways.

Mine does this too, exept mow it doesn’t even start up, it just says Hl2 stoped working and shuts down GMod.