Gmod crashing after the first loading screen.

When I start Garry’s mod, after the very first loading before the menus, the game crashes when it says “Finished!”.

I’ve tried to reinstall the game and delete local content, start it with compatibility mode, etc. but no luck. Always crashes to the same place.

HL2, Episode 2, Portal 2, TF2 and others work just fine.

Using Windows 8 64-bit

Intel i7-4702MQ @ 2.20GHz

GeForce GT 750M



Do you have absolutely have no addons, no workshop subscribed ones? Other than that, make sure your video drivers are up to date and try running the game with -dxlevel 80

Deleted the whole gmod folder, subscribe list was empty, just updated my drives and already tried the dxlevel thing.

What kind of crash is it? Does it just instantly close or is it the “hl2.exe has stopped responding”?

Sometimes steam overlay may conflict with Garry’s mod, disabling the overlay may fix the issue, but the workshop page may not be displayed in game because game is not using awesomium for such things.

Well it pretty much just freezes and when I open task management it just says “Not responding.”

I already tried disabling it and it didn’t work.

Any more ideas? It’s really odd because every other source game works just fine

Anyone? :confused:

For me, I can get past the blue screen pretty quickly, like it only takes about a second for the bar to fill up, however it’s at the background screen where I freeze. The main menu doesn’t load up and I have to task manager out (where it will also say its not responding). Did this start happening to you after gmod went on steampipe? I think that was around the beginning of June. Right after steampipe is when I got this issue.

Have you got a file like this in Garry’s Mod directory ( created every crash when Garry’s Mod detect fatal error )? : hl2_010101_crash_2013_1_1T1_1_1A0.mdmp

I haven’t been able to play it at all with this laptop

I’ve got a bunch of files named “_assert_2013_9_29T14_13_25C0.mdmp” (Each one with something else in the end)

Upload these file to Metastruct dumps and when it done. Click " Share without download " and copy the URL of file then post here the URL