GMod crashing at startup, no bsod or error

When i try to launch gmod, i briefly see the main screen and maybe a split second if im lucky of the little blue bar telling me whatever it’s loading at the time. Then the screen goes black and i have to manually power down my computer.

Video drivers are up to date, and ive tried the -dxlevel 80 and 81.

Note that i did manage to load it twice, after several days of attempts, and was in game for a little while. Everything ran fine during those two loads. (several days meaning i’d try a couple times each day, tweaking one thing or another)

the basic specs of my computer are as follows.

Intel core i7 cpu, 2.67ghz
Ati radeon 4850 HD, with 1GB of memory.

Played gmod for a very long time before the gmod 11 update hit, my old computer couldnt handle it and i had to quit, got this one recently and wanted to see if i could play again.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Edit: i should mention im running on vista.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Actually, yes.
If the error is "the memory at 0x[something] referenced a memory at 0x[something] that could not be “written.”
I got the error when I got Gmod. I think I fixed it by using Console commands to make all of the files not Read-Only.
If it says “read” instead of “written,” check here:
In there, there should be a way to fix it. Also, if none of those work, go to the thread at the bottom to get a code to put into the startup code thingamabob. (I forget what it was called ._.)

Glad to help. :slight_smile:

im not getting any sort of error though, the screen just goes black and i have to do a hard reboot.