Gmod Crashing during play .

Hello, I am having a problem with playing Gmod. What happens is I join a server, and after ~30 minutes (it’s honestly random), my game has a sound loop that lasts for seconds, then a black screen. I can however still hear live gameplay. If you need any information, just ask.(I don’t know how to post crash logs)

PC BUILD: STRIXGTX980, AMDfx-8350, corsair vengeance 1600mhz, and m5a97 r2 motherboard.

Your game is normal, but after 20~40 min. Your screen get black and game still running, still hear sounds?
What you do when this happend?

I think he is trying to say his game froze.

My screen freezes, but i can hear all live sounds, I can even talk back to them, it’s just through a black screen. What I do when this happens is I force quit the game and re-run.

This may be a problem with your video card, it might be possible that it is too old to handle certain games or it might be a video card that is incompatible with Garry’s Mod. I had a similar problem except my screen didn’t go black but instead it minimized with a little black bar in the left corner of the screen.