GMOD crashing from addons, you too?

Can anyone help me put together a list? GMOD crashes for me quite often, and seemingly for no reason. I have 44 (plus 4 map addons) That includes: wire,phx,wire extras, life support, pikmin, huge vehicle pack, Vehicle upgrade (for 2 seaters), trex, time grenade, assmod, and quite a few more.

Can anyone tell me if certain addons increased crash frequency for you? I want to get down to the bottom of this, cause as you can imagine, having gmod crash practically every 10-15 minutes gets tiring.

P.S: This all happens on a local server, so is that why crashes are so frequent?

This is user error, you probably installed a bad mod or installed it wrong.

I can tell you this.
If your ingame and open alot of lists with icons your game will crash more often. IVE NOTICED IT!
I tried having 1 prop list open all the time. NO CRASH FOR LIKE 3 hours and 40 min
Then. I opened like vechicles and other props and etc. CRASH!

Generating spawn icons doesn’t crash the game unless your computer sucks / the map isn’t optimized

Not generating… Just opening alot of lists and stuff…
Although Generating spawn icons for 10 min does crash your game. LOL XD

No, it doesn’t, your PC just sucks ass…

I don’t have this problem, I got the beta and haven’t installed any addons yet (what is compatible?), but my actual GMod comes close to it, remove some addons.

Garry really needs to fix these memory errors…

Anything that is at all strenious, will cause a crash. For example, if you use OpenURL to view a website in a derma window, chances are you will crash one time out of 5.

Anything at all in garrysmod can cause a crash…

What you fucking said.
Ive tried games with alot more stuff than gmod and no crash…
If you say my pc sucks
Why is it that everyone i FUCKING KNOW crash from time to time like me.

And btw. My pc is Good. Not Sucky…

Getting Vista or Windows7 is supposedly a fix.

I’m using vista, and I have just as many crashes as I did on XP. I guess I just got to sift through my addons to find out which ones are making me crash.

Bailout + Wire Parachute deployer + Parachute entity
Connas Tools Pack
combinesniper_ep2 swep
dans_snpcs (monster pack)
Fire + Ice Magic
Garry’s Bombs 3 (w/ spawn icons)
Lifesupport + RD2
Paintball SWEPs
spiderman’s swep
UTF Weapons
BIG vehicle pack
Vehicle Upgrade (VU mod)

Those are the ones in question.

In my opinion. Just get rid of them all. Keep connas. Keep bailout. Keep LS2.

Why keep Connas crap? There isn’t really anything vital in there. Still remove them one by one and see if it stops crashing when you remove a certain addon. Then see what happens when you add it back in.

Well, its not like it just crashes within 5 minutes. It randomly happens around 15-30 minutes. With 48 addons, that is impossible to check.

With 48 addons, that is impossible for it NOT to crash. Jesus Christ, that’s a lot of them! Do you use ALL of those!?

Yes, I do. Quite a few of them are individual sweps… Erm, as of now. Its 40 addons, but 2 of them are map addons. Should I just push them into the gmod/gmod/maps folder? Or does it even matter.

ok idk if this will work but try to delete some of your addons and if that doesnt work delete ur whole gmod folder and start fresh with a new one

Do what the Wiremod bugtracker suggested I do for an unrelated problem:

Delete half of your addons and see if the problem persists.
If it does, repeat this process with the half you deleted.
If it does not, repeat this process with the half you DID NOT delete.

i have the same problem. it not my pc cuz i was playing gmod before i did a wipe than reinstalled gmod and now it crashis when it had modes?

completely different for me, when i install certains addons or map, it crash HELP, even removing those addons wont work, and even EVEN, reinstalling the game

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