Gmod crashing on death of antlion gaurd

I just got garrys mod yesterday and for some dumb reason whenever I (or anything) kills an antlion guard gmod freezes and I have to ctrl+alt+del to get out to force quit. I thought this was fixed but it won’t go away and I need antlion guards for my antlion vs zombie hoard wars. Any help would be appreciated.


do you have any addons? some of effect addons can crash the game. example smoke effects , blood effects , earth quake effects.

I have no effect addons, the only ones I can think of besides maps are, pulse weapons, drilldo, npc falling, scars extra, and npc pack (combine people).

Could you explain what the NPC falling is? That could effect it.

File is here

Also, headcrabs make the same noises when “getting up” after a fall as npcs such as barney <(I think that’s his name but I’m not sure)

Description is

his addon makes the npc into a ragdoll when falling at a high speed and velocity, it also makes sounds while falling

New Features:
manhacks and scanner no more fall
added a menu into the spawn menu
fixed female models flying when get up
npc fall when take to much damage or explosion
and more :slight_smile:

Does this happen on a clean run of Gmod?

To do a clean run, just rename your current Garrys Mod folder to something like Garrys Mod2 (or something that you can know that it has your addons in and don’t have to worry about losing them). Then run Gmod and see if the issue happens now.

It does not happen in a clean run. Are there any alternatives that allow NPC’s to ragdoll at certain heights/velocities?