Gmod crashing on joining 1 particular server

Lets cut straight to the cheese. Wait what? nevermind, im here to tell you about my problem. So I have been banned for about a year on this server. I absolutely love it and spent about $100 on it in donations. Recently I have experienced some ‘problems’ and hear me out, ill list them numbered in order.

  1. I get on about night when I was unbanned. Play on it for a bit.
  2. Next day cant get on. It crashes at the sending client info, not saying hl2.exe has stopped but just exiting to desktop.
  3. Later that night, works fine and I get on.
  4. Next day, it no work and I re-instally, verify game cache, change up settings, but still nothing.
  5. Later that night, same problem with #2.

Now im starting to think that the problem has to do with my memory, but that wouldn’t explain how I got on at night. Please help me because I dearly love this server. Some additional info: Just me having problem (If anyone can tell me how to find my PC stats and stuff, I will gladly post them.)

Uninstall some workshop addons you have. Should help.

Update: Worked the day I posted the thread when I first tried to get on but after I got off, it hasn’t worked ever since. Also Rovotboy655, I just tried that but it didn’t help.

This might sound odd. But do you have Portal mounted? If so unmount it and see if that changes anything.

Portal mounted? I dont have portal in general but I do have HL2 downloaded and ready to play.