Gmod crashing on joining a server I co own.


When I join my server it downloads all addons fine, it then starts downloading stuff like materials/models/po/nypd and a bunch of other stuff then when its done it crashes. and every time it downloads the same files and crashes me over and over.

I would post crash log but its a bunch of random letters and numbers for me…

post the crash log anyways so we can look at it or robotboy can

How Many Addons Do You Have?

Try starting a normal single player game, then join the server.

The reason it is “downloading” the same files over and over is because the files do not exist on your FastDL server or the FastDL server isn’t configured correctly / files are in the wrong folders. What you’re seeing is it attempting to download, by opening connection, file isn’t there / timing out, closing connection and moving on to the next file.

Here’s a how-to plus trouble-shooting for FastDL ( covers the case you described with a how-to on resolving it ):