GMod Crashing On Map Load

So, this all started when i played PERP on my favourite server. I just got a tip from a guy on the server then, because i had some weird bug that if i did not be in a vehicle, i had around 60 average fps, but when i got into it, 10. But heres the thing. I just lowered the model and texture details from highest to one more less. And then it froze, and voila. Cant play gmod. I tried 15 times to play the server again, but i always got a crash. Then i tried to play singleplayer, same story. So any help? I cant figure out most system specs though

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Specs: (I got these from the System thingy from the control panel)

Processor: AMD FX 4100 Quad-Core 3.60 GHz

Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB

32 Bit Windows 7 Ultimate

This is all the specs i can get

Nope. back on it again D: