Gmod crashing "sending client info"

If you can redirect me to a page with the fix that would be very helpful. Since am unable to use the “search” feature because i need to post or i need to be some type of gold member special person to use it. Really annoyed me as a guest and i still cant use it now but if you can really help me just link it in the post and thanks! but anyways moving on if your gunna type something else…

Hello and sadly resorting to this stage of my attempts to fix this myself, i now need yall guy’s help on this. Gmod keeps crashing out on me when i try to connect to a server a fallout one , (yes go right ahead and laugh cause i play on an rp server with different player models and crap from darkrp) but whatever point is, how the hell am i suppose to play when i cant even connect to the server? the infamous hl2.exe has stop working has plagued me to the gates of oblivion!

what i’ve tried… or what ive atleast attempted in hopes to get it to work magically

  • deleted dua
  • fresh reinstalls deleteing the gmod old and blah blah the same ol drill
  • verify intergrity
  • NO i dont have that many addons i only have wiremod
  • ive ran just fresh copys of gmod connecting to the server no addons or anything just plain and still crash’s at hl2.exe blah blah
  • i have the latest drivers
  • yes as well latest windows updates

So if you can help please do! am starting to assume it’s just the server but when i try others it just does the same! so yea… any help please guys?

Does this happen on any other Source engine game?

no every other game is fine. Just gmod :confused:

Do you only disconnect from that fallout server, or every server?

yes it happens alot with any other server just ends up going crash happy and kicks me out.