Gmod crashing sice that new update a while back...

hello ive been getting a crash but no message. what happens is the game starts up and the resulotion is at the lowest, and closes the game with no message… its been like this since they added the wire and phx update, no longer worked since.

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also happens with all my source engine games…

What are your specs?

Nividia Geforce GTX 460
Directx 11
core i5 intel
Generic PnP monitor

Are you using Windows? If you are, do you have DEP exceptions for your games?

i use windows 7, and whats DEP exceptions?

It’s a security feature which prevents code from being executed in non-executable memory. It can also cause Source engine games to not run.
You should add exceptions for your games.

i have norton that came with comcast… if that has anything to do with it. if not how do i disable this DEP thing.

Please post in the correct section next time.

I’ve been having this problem too…

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right, i tried everything under the sun… now i’m reinstalling steam (which wiped all my dman steam games too) so if this dont work, then its a source problem… ill let you all know how it goes…

didnt fucking work… nuff said, I now need to redownload like 120gb worth of games just to know that valve fucked up yet again… they have really been messing up alot recently, ive not been able to play TF2 due to insane random fps drops and some other source related issues…

its not you… its valve…

the end.

Whenever you reinstall steam you always should move the steamapps dir out the way first

so there is like no answer to this?