GMod crashing to desktop with no error [Debian Wheezy]

So I keep trying to play on some DarkRP servers, but at some point between 5 minutes and 1 hour with no warning my GMod will just exit with no error message.

My specs:
Intel i7 4 core hyperthreaded to 8
NVidia GTX 675M
Debain Wheezy Linux

Any idea why this is happening? Any way I can find a log file that may help me search for the problem myself?

Bump! Still having this issue, and there are no mdump files.

Its probably the servers you’re playing on.

Populated DarkRP (and other servers for that matter) of which have a lot of entities are notorious for causing game crashes.

However, you can still try disabling some addons to help.

To help further diagnose the issue, you can run your game with the parameters “-condebug” to generate a console.log file.

It doesn’t seem to be server specific. I’ll try with condebug, thanks.