GMod crashing when entering DarkRP server i've been to before

This problem started recently and It’s annoying because I’m going to run out of servers to play on soon. I was playing on a DarkRP server and it crashed. That’s fine, but when I re-entered GMod crashed saying that it crashed unexpectedly and it won’t let me send an error report. This has happened to all the servers I have played on before. Only happens to DarkRP though. I’m on a MAC and I have tons of addons. Maybe that’s the problem?

I’m on a mac too and can’t play MP at all. It loads and stops at “receiving server info” and it stops responding and crashes. I think it is a mac thing. Fair warning after awhile it makes all servers stop working because at first it only crashed at sandbox and now it always crashes. Macs might have something to do with it.

Try entering a Single player server before entering a multi.