GMod crashing when hosting my own game

I don’t know how to look into this error, since I have no idea how to read your crash files, but some addon is crashing my game (and I installed 158 addons from a list so don’t tell me to uninstall the addon I just downloaded). Crash file here:

I know it’s some addon that did it, but I dont want to uninstall all the addons I just installed.
Thanks for any helpful reply. Retards who want to comment stupid stuff on here, please stay away, thanks.

PC Specs please?

In this case it doesnt matter, since there is one addon which is not compatible with the other one and my pc is fast and good, so i doubt that it has to do something with it.

I can’t help if you don’t post these, don’t be a twat, just post your specs. It may or may not be that. You’re just taking a guess.


You should probably post your addon list. Make sure all of your source games are up to date, launched and made sure they are verified. Specs won’t even matter if he can join a multiplayer game.

Also go into your garrysmod directory and upload the latest MDMP file to somewhere and post the link.

If your PC is trying to download, say, 128 Addons, and it’s not a very good PC, then it’s just trying to install too much at once. I’ve had this issue before, so, as I said before, please provide a specs list so we can actually help you.

I have 469 addons… idk if i could list all of them without alot of work to do.
And here is the latest MDMP:

dump please help!