Gmod crashing when playing hl2ep2 levels

First off. I have 2 accounts. Lets call them A & B

A has ep1/ep2/hl2

B has hl2/css/hl2dm/gmod

I use gcfscape to extract maps from A and put in B’s garrysmod/garrysmod/maps folder.

When I start up I see in ‘play singleplayer’ yes it shows the maps there.
But when I create server , after loading till bar almost complete the gmod hl2.exe not responding n crash how fix?

Uh, that sounds kinda messed up.

To play Ep2 maps on Gmod, you need Gmod10 and you need to have purchased Ep2. When you have ep2 fully downloaded, gmod will automatically add the maps from ep2 into gmod.