Gmod Crashing

Hey guys i got a dump file, how would i open it?

Upload it and we’ll look at it for you.
But if you really want to you can open it with notepad++ yourself

notepad++ doesn’t open it correctly.
and here you go:

wrong dump file
you want a mdmp not these

im not getting a dump file, only this kind, what is it then?

so you’re checking under SteamApps\common\GarrysMod right?


no idea then

Where does it crash ? try verify game files

I’m having some minor issues as well!
Has the issue been fixed after the march 9th patch debacle???
I have tried the following;

verified local files
deleted local file
reinstalled the game
unsubscribed from all mods in workshop

Still the game does not load!
I get the blue splash screen and it says loading in the lower right corner.
Then that goes away and dumps me back to the desktop!

Is the game still borked or has it been fixed?

is there any lua error logger?
I’ll see if its any lua errors?

I am running Linux Mint 17.1
2nd I have looked for error logs and none are to be found!
One forum says the march 9th issue was resolved.
But I don’t believe it!
I am looking for either confirmation that the march 9th issue has not been fixed.
Or is their something else I need to do?