GMOD Crashs on Startup Detailed.

**When I Start GMOD I see this.

ofcause then instantlly after I see this

Now before anyone says… “Googles your friend” he is not he is an asshole. I’ve tryed everything google comes up with

Reinstall Gmod (not once but twice)
Delete All Addons
Verify Cache
Disable Anti-Virus
and abit more…

Also Few other notes that might be of interest

**Normal Half Life 2 works fine and other source games **
Gmod was working fine, I closed it for abit to watch some youtube… Open it back up and BAM it no longer wants to work. So if anyone knows any kind of fix please comment below.

ALSO Specs just incase you need them**

Try to check your TeamFortress2 cache, I had the same problem

Thanks, worked great! But I havent played Team Fortress 2 for nearly two years… weird.

Your welcome. I think it’s due to a TeamFortress 2 update