Gmod Crazy Physics

I know little about VPhysics and why it is causing servers to crash by ‘spazzing’ out the models but it has been happening for months now and I was wondering if there was an actual fix for this (not Ambro’s crash-catcher script since that doesn’t fix the problem, more so delay it). The script helps, but regardless the server will crash and you can only edit the script so far where models get removed at the slightest of movements. I just think that people have put up with this for too long and that a permanent fix would be great. So, Facepunch, any ideas?

I’m assuming your talking about the ragdoll remover, which if configured correctly will prevent a server crash. There is no ‘permanent’ fix until we figure out what is causing it so Garry can fix it or VPphysics is updates (or the replacement project comes out)

This version looks far more up to date than my current version. I will try this out :slight_smile: